OlaGrande.Net Advantages

You can't take your Cable or DSL connection with you when you travel. An OlaGrande.Net dialup account works whether you are at home, in the office, or on the road.

You can't easily access your home computer when you are at work. An OlaGrande.Net account is always on; ready with you need it. You can telnet or SSH into an OlaGrande.Net shell account from work.

If you change jobs, you can lose email contacts if they only know your work email address. An OlaGrande.Net account can be a more permanent address to distrubute to your contacts.

Everything you say or do on the Internet (especially with Usenet) becomes part of the permanent 'Internet archives'. You can set up an 'alternate' identity at OlaGrande.Net to get back some of your privacy.

You might not be able to get a Cable or DSL Internet connection where you live. In that case, an OlaGrande.Net dialup or dialup plus shell account is ideal.

Unfortunately, all ISP's are subject to occassional downtime. An OlaGrande.Net account is an inexpensive backup when your other ISP is down.

Is yourName@otherISP.foo taken? Get YourName@OlaGrande.Net!

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