OlaGrande.Net Logo Contest

Some of you may be more artistically inclined than us. So we're offering one year of shell access for FREE to anyone who can create a professional-quality logo for us to use. It's your site. Have an impact!

The logo should reflect the Ola Grande (i.e. Big Wave) theme. It should be a logo that we can use on the web site, and on printed material (e.g. letterhead). Contest ends November 30, 2000. The winner will be notified the first week in December, 2000 via email.

This page will be updated with new entries, and votes for best design will be collected. The logo with the most votes will win a year of FREE shell access on OlaGrande.Net for it's creator (whether we actually use it or not).

Contestants grant OlaGrande.Net all rights to their submitted artwork. Current membership is not required. Contestants can submit as many entries as they like. More details soon.

The following table (background color added by me to contrast with the images) contains the contest entries submitted so far. Please email your votes, or logo submissions, to jilek@olagrande.net. I'll keep a running tally here.

Logo Contest Entries
Logo 1 (George Galustian) 1 votes Logo 2 (George Galustian)
Logo 3 (George Galustian)
(Jilek screwed up George's solid black lines...will fix soon)
Logo 4 (Greg Ercolano)
Logo 5 (Greg Ercolano) Logo 6 (Ryan Herman) 1 vote

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