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Sunday, September 1, 2002

Services for former OlaGrande.Net customers are now being provided by Eskimo North. Dial Access locations have been significantly expanded. ISDN and DSL is now available in many locations. If you need low cost backup for your broadband access, take a look at our Dial Backup Service. Web Hosting and Shell Access has been expanded. Disk quotas have been increased. Procmail is available for automatic e-mail processing. Mail lists are now available. Usenet News service is now available. Host services are now connected to the Internet backbone via dual 100 megabit per second links. Web hosting now includes the ability to run CGI and PHP applications under the owners user ID. Game Hosting is now supported.

Friday, August 10

OlaGrande.Net marks its one year anniversary. We continue to grow, offer new services and meet the needs of our expanding user base.

Monday, July 2

OlaGrande.Net now offers web and domain hosting to its customer base.

Monday, February 12

OlaGrande.Net passed the six month mark, and is growing steadily.

Monday, November 6

OlaGrande.Net now supports ASCII (dumb-terminal) dialup in addition to PPP dialup. We have over 1000 dialup locations (POP's) across the United States and Canada.

Monday, October 30

OlaGrande.Net now accepts direct payment with MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Diner's Club/Carte Blanche, or JCB. We can also accept MasterCard or Visa debit cards. OlaGrande.Net will continue to accept payments via PayPal or check.

Monday, October 23

We've done a major makeover to our Web site. Let us know what you think!

Sunday, October 8

OlaGrande.Net gets a mention in the San Jose Mercury News, which is very similar to the previous story in the Washington Post mentioned below.

Saturday, October 7

Added all non-binary alt Usenet newsgroups. This brings us to around 31k newsgroups.

Friday, October 6

There's an article about Netcom's demise in the Washington Post. OlaGrande.Net got a whole paragraph in the story.

Saturday, September 24

Enabled Usenet via PPP dialins.

Saturday, September 18

Installed POP (as in Post Office Protocol) mail.

Saturday, September 9

We now have Nationwide and Canada Dialup.

Thursday, September 7

Usenet is now set up and running. We receive approx. 20,000 groups (no alt or binary groups). I'm going to start adding non-binary groups soon.

Friday, August 25

Started the New Logo Contest. The winner will get one year of shell service. See details here.

Wednesday, August 23

There are enough users now to support OlaGrande.Net as a long term service for the users. Momemtum is growing. Keep spreading the word about OlaGrande.Net!

Have made a decision to add dialup and Usenet soon. It will be available in a week or two.

Thursday, August 17

Added user-level Web pages (included free for shell account customers). Disk usage counts towards your 50mb shell quota. Data transfer limits will be set as we get more empirical data on this service. Will add 'commercial' web hosting, etc. soon.

Monday, August 14

Several new tools installed: lynx, pine, pico, pilot, top, procmail, python, tcl/tk. Will install more as time goes on.

Still investigating nationwide/international dialup service.

Thursday, August 10

OlaGrande.Net has its Grand Opening!

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