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Simple Dialup Access allows you to dial in via modem and access the Internet from over 1000 dialup phone numbers across the United States and Canada. Everything works just like it does with the huge, impersonal ISP's. With OlaGrande.Net, you get the same for less. Our modem-to-user ratios are some of the best in the business, so you rarely get busy signals.

You can use any of our phone numbers at no extra charge. If you travel, this is a huge benefit. Dial in from California one day, and from New York the next. No extra charge. And we add new phone numbers all the time!

The connections are all v.90 and PPP. You can send and receive email, surf any Web site on Internet, and read Usenet News with our Dialup Access accounts.

Dialup Access accounts are a low-hassle, easy way to get connected to the Internet.

Please see our Product Comparison for more details.

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