OlaGrande.Net Support

For general information, please send email to info@olagrande.net.

For customer technical support, please send email to support@olagrande.net.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I send money to OlaGrande.Net via PayPal?

Our PayPal account is payments@olagrande.net. You can simply 'send' money to that account.

What are the dialup numbers?

There are currently over 1000 dialup numbers.

Which mail readers are supported?

Elm, pine, MH, mailx, binmail, mutt.

Is procmail supported?


Is SSH (Secure SHell) supported?


How many Usenet newsgroups does OlaGrande.Net receive?

We currently have around 31,000 Usenet newsgroups available. That covers everything except the binary groups.

What are the settings for Windows PPP Dialup User Networking (DUN)?

  • pop3 server = pop3.olagrande.net
  • smtp server = smtp.olagrande.net
  • news server = news.starnetinc.com
  • primary DNS server =
  • secondary DNS server =
See the following for more info about how to set up a PPP connection.

Does OlaGrande.Net support APOP?

Yes. Regular POP email sends your username and password in plain text. For more security, APOP encrypts your name and password. To enable APOP from a Unix shell account, run the command /usr/local/lib/popauth. You will also have to make sure that your client software supports APOP.

Does OlaGrande.Net support "dumb terminal" dialup?

Yes. You can select ASCII (dumb-terminal) or PPP dialup. Note: this only applies to Unix shell users. Dialup-only users need to use PPP.

How do I switch betwen ASCII and PPP dialup?

There is a utility called dialmgr. The syntax is:

	dialmgr switch (ppp | ascii) [userName]
So for example, if you currently are using PPP, and would like to switch to ASCII dialup, the following command will work:

	dialmgr switch ascii

How do I set up my personal Web page?

There is a directory in /export/home/public_html with your name on it. Put your HTML documents there. The outside world can see it as either of the following:


What Operating System (OS) does OlaGrande.Net run?

Solaris 8.0 (a.k.a SunOS 5.8).

I can't find tool "foo", where should I look?

Your default path should include most of the common tools. If it does not, please look at the copies of .login/.cshrc (for csh/tcsh users), or .profile (for sh/ksh/bash users) that are in the directory /etc/skel. Your account may have been created before those files were correctly updated. There is also a README file in the /etc/skel directory. You probably want to read it.

Sun Microsystems also puts some "interesting" tools in the /opt/sfw tree. It's worth a quick look there.

If there's something you need, and you can't find it by doing the above, then please let us know.

I can't compile "foo" because of a missing library

You meed to set your LD_LIBRARY_PATH correctly. See the man pages for ld(1) and ld.so.1(1). Some of the Sun 'optional' libraries are in /opt/sfw/lib.

You probably also want to familiarize yourself with /usr/ccs/lib vs. /usr/ucblib. See the man page for cc(1) and gcc(1). We don't have Sun's compiler installed (yet), just gcc.

Who is OlaGrande.Net's "network provider"?


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